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Shark Bite Fittings

Pex Pipe and Fittings

Shark Bite Fittings - Can be used with Copper Pipe, CPVC, QEST and PEX Tubing

Article compliments of Sharkbite fittings.  Products can be purchased at Elsberry Hardware.


SharkBite® push-fit fittings  - Can be used with Copper Pipe, CPVC, QEST and PEX Tubing

Easy, quick push-fit connection of water distribution pipe.

The SharkBite® push-fit fittings have been design certified and listed to ASSE 1061/NSF 61. The SharkBite® push-fit fittings are listed by IAPMO and are certified for potable and hydronic heating water distribution (note: Glycol mixture for hydronics is not to exceed 50% concentration). The SharkBite® push-fit fittings have been certified for underground applications and as a manufactured joint without access panels and they meet UPC, IPC and cUPC requirements.

Instant push-fit connection for increased ease of use. Certified to 200 psi and 200°F (93°C). Fits OD controlled copper, CPVC, or PEX pipe. Body composed of solid DZR brass.

Products available at Elsberry Hardware.  Check out the Contact page for map and location.

Pex Tubing and Fittings

What Is PEX?

Through the manufacturing process, links between polyethylene molecules are formed to create bridges, thus giving it the name "crossed linked".  This tubing is especially good in hot water applications.  Because of its design, PEX is more durable under temperature extremes and chemical attack, and is more resistant to creep deformation.  PEX was developed in the 1960s, and was used mainly in Europe until the 1980s. Pex tubing is available in White, Red and Blue.

Plumbing, radiant and hydronic systems for commercial and residential applications. Perfect for Mobile homes or raised homes as the tubing is capable of expanding and contracting with temperature extremes.

Over the past 4 decades, the use of plastics has dramatically changed the way Americans live. From food storage containers, to pacifiers, to beverage bottles & surgical supplies (like IV bags), we’ve trusted plastic to deliver human consumption products for many years. Therefore, it’s only logical that we look to plastic tubing to deliver our hot & cold water in today’s new homes. ZurnPEX plumbing systems, as in the past, are at the forefront of this evolutionary process.

ZurnPEX Products pioneered the 1st flexible residential plumbing system in the early 1970’s. Our original customers were primarily RV & mobile home manufacturers. Within a few years, several site-built home makers began recognizing the many benefits of flexible plumbing:

Reduced Water Hammer

Freeze Damage Resistance

Prevention of Lime & Mineral Build-up

No need for solvent cements

Requires less fittings, reducing potential for installation errors

It’s light weight for easy handling

 In the mid-1970’s Zurn PEX introduced the Qick/Sert I joining system that utilized metallic insert fittings & crimp rings. Almost 25 years & 70 million crimp connections later, this joining method remains a staple in the flexible plumbing systems industry.

You can rent or buy the crimping tool at Elsberry Hardware.

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