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Spring has finally Sprung - 2015

The mulch is here!
$2.99 for the Cypress and $3.59 for the Red dyed mulch. 2cf feet.
Why cypress mulch - The cypress tree can live to be 1,200 years old. Cypress trees develop a protective oil called cypressene as they age. This oil makes the wood resistant to rot, decay and insect infestation.
Time to get outside and get planting - Miracle Gro garden mix, soil, and starters available at Elsberry Hardware.  

Weed Tigers

The only place in the county to get the Weed Tigers.




What are Weed Tigers?


You better believe it! Weed Tiger, Inc. has manufactured a slick weed trimmer replacement line that requires no winding—so it eliminates tangles AND weed-eating headaches. Packaged with simple instructions, these bright yellow precut lines are convenient and durable.

How do they work? Two (2) Weed Tigers are installed, opposite each other for balance, right into the existing plastic head on your OLD trimmer, and held into place by centrifugal force.

"Of special note"—Weed Tiger line is 145+/- gauge, a heavier gauge than the standard and has a cutting edge in its design to facilitate cutting through heavier weeds. The large gauge line won't fit through the holes in your old head? No problem! Drill two new ¼" holes (opposite each other) and get going in seconds.

No more beating and banging on the head only to have too much or too little line available for cutting. You have tough weeds, rocks, trees, and fences? No problem for Weed Tigers. 

Flower and Vegetable Seed

$.99 a pack great variety of vegetable and flower seeds. Guaranteed.

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